First of all, who is JECC Mécanique.

The origin is one of hard, rigorous and at all times work: JECC is Jacques Ethier and Cécile Charette, the two founding members of the company. The adventure began in 1991 and continues today with a proud and dedicated team to find creative solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers.

1991 : Foundation of the company.

Working from home in our personal garage, offices are in the basement. At that time, we mainly work on shutdown in sawmills across Québec and the United States. Hence the reason for the original name of the company: Jecc mechanics Sawmill Ltd.

2000 : The company is expanding, we need a new place to work. We build our new building.

2001 : We tend to diversify.

Ideas are bubbling up in the head of the founder. With all the experience he gained repairing machines everywhere he says: why not! We want to design our own equipment. We hire our first designer to help us in the design of what will be the exceptional quality equipment that we have today.

2004 : The building is already too small for all the projects so here comes the first extension work of our building.

2005 : Beginning to export Jecc’s products to the United States.

2006 : Designing, manufacturing and installing our own equipment takes most of our time so we decided to drop the « sawmill » in our name and to be called JECC Mechanics Limited.

2007: JECC sells its first shredder designed and manufactured right here in our plant.

2009 : With a growing need in terms of recycling JECC designs its versatile BS7200. This heavy duty shredder offers unequalled performance grinding up to 10 million tires per year.

2012: In September we have to make extension work for the 2nd time to the building.

Still alive after all those years JECC Mechanics continues to innovate, to design more and more effective equipment. Our well trained team is always to the forefront of new technologies in order to offer you what is best on the market. Let’s add to that a solid expertise acquired over the years giving the assurance that Jecc’s equipment, whether it is for tire, e-waste, glass, C&D or plastic recycling is the solution for your waste management. To trust JECC is to obtain the assurance of a job well done, fast, durable and above all meeting your present needs. Your needs are changing over the years? JECC is there to adapt your equipment to your new reality. Our goal is that you get the satisfaction of having unequalled quality equipment, that you reach your goals and even more, regardless of the application you are in.