Star screen

Star Screen | Jecc Mécanique Ltée

  • Ideal for screening organic materials, gravel and C&D
  • Can be powered with electric or hydraulic motors
  • Motorization adapted to your needs
  • Can screen material of 1/2 to 4″ depending on the model, the spacing and the amount of stars used
  • Stars mounted on close parallel shafts
  • Number of shafts adapted to the length of the screen
  • Wide variety of stars available

Inquire about our custom-made star screening technologies

Jecc’s infeed star screens are used for different applications to remove fine material, dust and earth. In the C&D, earth is removed to be reused as cover material for landfills. In peat handling operations, the star screen is used to remove twigs and roots from the topsoil. Our custom-made heavy duty star screens can meet your specific type of application and will screen your material at a rate of 200 feet per minute. With stars mounted on close parallel shafts the material bounces upwards when the shafts rotate. The tips of the stars separate the fines from the oversize material. The fines pass through the stars and the over is conveyed at the end of the screen. Star screens differ from rotary screens which rely on the passage of material through a mesh. The revolving stars create an active star bed which has the benefit of breaking up wet and matted materials, thus ensuring more separation. The material is sufficiently agitated to allow more of the fines to pass through and not allow them to be carried over with the oversize material. Depending on your application, star screens can help to eliminate binding inherent in high-moisture materials.