Shredder BS series

Shredder BS series | Made in Québec |

Jecc mécanique Ltée

  • Computer assisted design and manufacturing
  • CNC machining of parts
  • Low speed operation for maximum power
  • Automatic inverter system
  • Shock absorbing suspension system
  • Shafts of 12″ in diameter
  • Knives in « Hard Facing » +/- 62 HRC
    • Diameter 26″
    • Thickness 2 to 4″
  • Double motorization
  • Sumitomo gearboxes
  • NTN bearings

Experience our custom-made shredding technologies

In these applications: Tires, OTR, plastics, glass, C&D and e-waste our BS series shredders are of incomparable efficiency. Jecc’s powerful shredders can shred 20 to 30 tons of rubber per hour while the knives can shred between 6000 to 10000 tons of waste before showing any sign of wear. The BS series shredders can reduce high volumes of all types of e-waste while providing their secure destruction. As part of its greener future policy, Jecc’s BS series shredders will reduce your energy consumption by 25% and guarantee you the lowest operation and maintenance costs of the industry. Jecc’s low-speed, high-torque industrial BS series shredders are part of our complete service-related customized solutions for shredding, conveying, screening, and separating wastes and recyclables.

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